AR-sunglasses Everysight for cyclists go on sale

While virtual reality is well manifested in video games and entertainment, augmented reality occupies other niches. Now the manufacturers of AR-devices are actively introducing them into the systems of control and management of transport. And it’s not necessarily about cars, more and more often the reality is suggested to use motorcyclists, bicycle owners, lovers of skis and skateboards. The latest development of the company Everysight just designed for athletes, does not avoid high-tech.

The Raptor glasses developed by the company display on the lens-displays all the information necessary for a cyclist or skier, thanks to which he can track his physical condition, see the distance to a specific target, track the speed with which he moves, make a video recording and photograph everything he sees before his eyes .

Points are connected to the smartphone via Bluetooth, so a number of indicators are stored inside the tube during operation. In addition, before using the headset with a smartphone, you can configure it for yourself by selecting the desired settings using the application.

In addition, the gadget has a voice control function and is able to work on one charge up to eight hours. The developers say that their experience in creating helmets for military pilots allowed them to release a civilian device, the quality of which, nevertheless, is much higher than that of the devices offered by competitors.

The distribution of glasses, which have already been pre-ordered, will begin in February 2018. The price per piece starts at $ 650.

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