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Intel announced Cascade Lake processors Advanced Performance (up to 48 cores) and Xeon E-2100

Intel announced the expansion of its Intel Xeon processor portfolio. So, Cascade Lake-AP (Advanced Performance) and Intel Xeon E-2100 devices have been announced. At the same time, only chips of the second family oriented to use in entry-level servers are commercially available products. In the case of Cascade Lake-AP, the announcement is paper-based, actual chips will …

To the 40th anniversary of the first chip 8086, Intel announced the anniversary processor Core i7-8086K with the frequency formula 4/5 GHz

40 years ago – on June 8, 1978 – the first 8086 processor was released. The command set architecture implemented in it became the basis of the well-known architecture x86. The processors of this architecture have become the most successful line of Intel processors. Modern processors of this architecture retain the ability to perform all the …

Intel announced a high-performance Xeon D-2100 processor for storage systems, which includes up to 18 cores

Intel has released a new high-performance Xeon D-2100 processor. It can be used in systems of cloud infrastructure, content delivery, corporate storage systems. The novelty is a complex system-on-chip, which can contain up to 18 processing cores. In this case, the chips have a TDP of 65 W to 110 W of energy. Depending on the …

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