Microsoft is working on a folding tablet Andromeda on ARM architecture and a full Windows 10 OS

Displays with a high effective area ("frameless") – this is without a doubt the latest trend in the smartphone market. It is possible that in the future they will be replaced by flexible / folding displays – Samsung can present a smartphone with such a screen already at CES 2018 (it may be like this). "Cloud" Microsoft, which as early as 2014 was preparing a frameless smartphone Lumia 435, but, as we know, never released, before that, developed and a folding tablet. Its development was carried out in 2009 as part of the Courier project, but already in 2010 it was canceled. The new data indicate that the Redmond people again took up the development of the tablet with a bendable display, code-named Andromeda.

It is reported that Microsoft Andromeda will have a cellular connection and when folded, it will be a large smartphone in size. That is, it can be fully accommodated in a pocket, for example, a jacket. But it will not be a smartphone. The main emphasis in creating this device is the ability to work with the stylus and recognize handwriting. For example, there will be a branded application "Notepad", in which the text will be entered as if it is the most common notepad and entries are made with a conventional pen. In addition, virtual pages can be flipped through as usual.

The device should receive SoC Snapdragon and will run under the full Windows 10 operating system. Microsoft does not plan to compete with Android devices or iPad tablets. Instead, the software giant wants to create a new segment. Take it as a kind of "digital journal". All this agrees very well with Nadella's promises to release an "uncompromising" and "fundamentally different" mobile device.

Unfortunately, so far there is no information about the characteristics of Microsoft Andromeda. And it's unclear whether this will be a one-piece foldable display, or a design with two screens connected by hinges. But it is obvious that if the device eventually reaches the market, it will not happen very soon.

Source: windowscentral

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