Google stops selling tablet Pixel C. And, it seems, completely refused to promote Android in the tablet market in favor of Chrome OS

At the beginning of this year, Google quietly removed from its online store the junior version of the tablet Pixel C with 32 GB of flash memory, and under the curtain the search giant acted the same way and with the older modification of 64 GB. Thus, we can state that the sale of the Pixel C tablet, which was released two years ago, was finally discontinued.

Google Pixel C tablet was introduced in September 2015. The younger model with 32 GB of flash memory cost $ 499, the older 64-gigabyte version – $ 599. Previously, Google offered discounts on the tablet several times, but probably the interest in the device has dropped to a point where the company has nothing else to do but stop selling.

At the same time, all Google Pixel C accessories have disappeared from the Google Store store, including

Here is the translated text of the official Google statement regarding the cessation of sales of Pixel C:

"Usually it all happens with obsolete products that have been on the market for several years, and now we accept the resignation of Pixel C, the device is no longer available but to buy. However, we are trying to update and support the device in every way – just recently a fresh update of Android 8.0 was released, so that users could continue to get maximum opportunities when working with it. Our new Google Pixelbook combines the best of a laptop and tablet, making it an ideal choice for those looking for a universal device. "

The Pixel C tablet is part of Google's early efforts to develop the hardware business. With its help, Google wanted to revive the demand for tablets with Android, but, unfortunately, we can now say that the attempt to restart Android in the tablet market failed. This is eloquently evidenced by the last sentence from a statement by Google. This is also indicated by the fact that the reference to Pixel C now leads to a page with Google Pixelbook. Absolutely obvious is the fact that now ChromeOS took the place, which until recently Google was taking Android. Chromebooks can run Android applications in windowed mode, they offer more opportunities for networking, and many of them are cheaper than Pixel C. In addition, the network has long been talked about that Google is preparing a convertible tablet running Chrome OS OS with a keyboard , which will be released next year. In other words, a persistent feeling is created that Google now puts on the Chrome OS platform in the tablet segment. By the way, rumors that Google is working on the creation of Chrome OS for tablets were back in 2011.

Source: The Verge and Google Store

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