Some smartphones Samsung Galaxy Note8 cease to turn on and charge after a full discharge of the battery

Some Samsung Galaxy Note8 smartphone owners have started reporting a problem with the battery. Unlike last year, when the Galaxy Note7 battery could voluntarily ignite, this time the battery stops working after it is completely discharged.

It is reported that after the battery is completely depleted of a subsequent shutdown, the Galaxy Note8 smartphone stops turning on or charging. Users tried to fill up the energy reserve with various cables and chargers to make sure that it was in the smartphone. On Samsung support forums, it is recommended to contact service centers for warranty replacement of devices.

Samsung is aware of this problem and replaces failed smartphones individually. However, it is not yet reported how many devices suffer from the indicated malfunction. It is only known that the problem is encountered in devices of various operators in the US: Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile and Sprint.

Source: phonearena

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