Slowdown iPhone: Claim for $ 999999999000 and criminal case in France

Apple's performance limitation can cost Apple a round penny because of a number of lawsuits

Apple apologized for slowing the iPhone's performance due to depletion of the battery battery. She also promised to temporarily reduce the cost of replacing the battery for $ 50 dollars for smartphones iPhone 6 and newer. But this may not be enough.

In France, companies are threatening the legal consequences of such behavior. The local HOP organization (Stop the planned obsolescence) sued Apple in Paris. She also filed a lawsuit against Epson for the same reasons. According to the French legislation, the planned obsolescence is prohibited, and a strict punishment is provided for violation of the law: 2 years imprisonment, a fine of up to € 300 thousand and a fine of 5% of their annual sales volume.

This is not the only legal action against Apple, which was caused by an intentional decline in the performance of the iPhone. Eight different suits were filed in the United States – the Atlas Consumer Law (Atlas of Consumer Rights) and individuals. Moreover, plaintiffs in the US do not suffer excessive modesty. For example, a resident of New York, Raisa Drantivi, wants to sue Apple for $ 100 million, while California resident Violetta Maylyan claimed compensation of almost $ 1 trillion ($ 999999999000, to be exact) through the court.

Another trial was initiated in Israel. In this case, the amount of the claim is $ 125 million.

Source: Engadget, HOP, tjournal

  • For the first time, users began to report a noticeable decrease in the performance of the iPhone 6 after the iOS 10.2.1 update in January last year, eliminating the problem of spontaneous shutdown.
  • Earlier this month, users of the popular Reddit forum on the basis of personal observations came to the conclusion that the reason for a significant decrease in the performance of the iPhone could be a worn out battery.
  • A week later, John Poole, founder of Primate Labs, who created the benchmark Geekbench, provided additional evidence in favor of this version.
  • Later, Apple officially admitted to slowing down the iPhone for the sake of "providing the best experience."
  • The company then issued an apology about the slowdown of the iPhone and promised to reduce the cost of replacing the battery to $ 29.

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