Microsoft is developing a new hinge for folding tablets

Rumors that Microsoft is working on a new collapsible gadget or a whole line of such devices have been going on for quite some time. Recently, the MSPoweruser site reported that Microsoft even registered a patent describing the hinge for a device with a folding display. In a bent state, Andromeda can become a kind of laptop, one part of the display will work in the screen mode, while the second will act as a full touch keyboard. If the gadget is spread out completely and evenly, then the image on both parts will display a single user interface.

The joint, patented by Microsoft, will be equipped with self-adjusting loops, which will comfortably bend the display at almost any angle without damage to the device. The presence of a patent does not at all mean that rumors about a new device codenamed “Andromeda” are beginning to take on real shape. It is possible that the new hinge will never come in handy or they will simply be equipped with new models of Surface tablets. Recall whether someday the mythical “SurfacePhone” will appear, too, no one knows.

Microsoft Corporation is not the only developer studying the possibility of creating a flexible display. In this field, other companies, including Samsung, LG, Sharp and many others have already succeeded well. Nevertheless, none of the manufacturers are in a hurry to produce massively flexible gadgets, while limiting themselves only to prototypes for exhibitions.

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