LG will change the approach to the naming of flagship smartphones, LG G7 will be called otherwise

LG intends to make changes to the system of the name of its flagship smartphones. That is, yes, the future flagship smartphone LG G, which previously carried the symbol LG G7, will enter the market under a different name. Which exactly is not yet clear, but rebranding will exactly happen this year. This was confirmed by the representative of LG.

The final decision on this issue has not yet been made. Currently, the South Korean manufacturer is considering options for assigning more easily remembered names to smartphones and using two digits.

The flagship LG G-series smartphone line originates from the Optimus G model, released in 2012. With the release of the second model of the series in 2013, the long "Optimus" sub-title has disappeared and since then every new smartphone in the series has just received the next serial number, right up to the current LG G6 flagship introduced last year.

Observers link LG's decision with insufficient good sales, which, among other things, may be due to the delusion of some buyers, tied in the numbers in the names. More specifically, some buyers believe that smartphones with a higher serial number are newer and better. This numbering may seem completely stupid, but it was at one time that forced Samsung to skip the number six and release Galaxy Note7 after Galaxy Note5. You can also remember about Apple, which last year also broke the usual designation scheme and released the iPhone 8/8 Plus instead of the expected iPhone 7s / 7s Plus, as well as the iPhone X (iPhone Ten).

Source: gsmarena

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