Leading manufacturers of smartphones with Android assure that they do not practice slowing down devices when the battery is worn

After Apple admitted that it deliberately slows down some iPhone, the question involuntarily arose: is not this practice common among other manufacturers from the camp Android. Now we have an answer to this question in the form of official statements of the leading manufacturers of Android-smartphones. All of them swear they do not practice such a policy.

To date, official announcements on this issue have been published by HTC, Motorola, LG Electronics and Samsung Electronic.

Among the first HTC and Motorola companies, their method "and they are not engaged in throttling of the processor's performance when the battery is worn.

LG and Samsung pulled up behind them. The first stated that, we quote, "No, never and never will. We do not care what our customers think. "

Samsung, in its turn, provided a more extensive commentary, the translation of the full text is as follows:

" For Samsung Mobile, the issue of product quality has always been and will always be at the forefront. We extend the battery life of Samsung mobile devices through a set of security measures that includes software algorithms that regulate the battery charge current and the charging time. We do not reduce processor performance with firmware updates throughout the entire life cycle of smartphones. "

Meanwhile, Apple, realizing the complexity of the situation, has begun to do everything to smooth the conflict. Kupertinovtsy apologized and offered a discount on the replacement of the battery, but from suits and prosecution of this and is unlikely to save.

Source: phonearena (1 and 2)

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