Huawei shipped 153 million smartphones this year and plans to become the world market leader in smartphones by 2021

Just last year, Huawei's applications to bypass Apple's smartphone market in the next two years have caused a smile on the face, but this year the Chinese manufacturer temporarily managed to move the Cupertinovites.

Now the Chinese manufacturer is ranked third in the list of the largest manufacturers of smartphones. And the current plans of Huawei to get ahead of the current leaders Samsung and Apple, becoming the largest manufacturer in the global smartphone market, by the year 2021, and to bring the Honor brand into the top five by 2020, do not seem "ridiculous" anymore. Actually, Huawei's results add to this year's results.

In his pre-New Year address, Huawei CEO Ken Hu noted the company's main achievements this year. He said that by the end of this year, total revenue was about $ 92 billion, which corresponds to an increase of 15% in annual terms.

He also mentioned that by the end of 2017, Huawei managed to realize 153 million smartphones (Huawei + Honor). This figure corresponds to a market share of just over 10%. Note that for 2016, Huawei was able to sell 139 million smartphones. That is, in annual terms, the growth in shipments is about 10%.

Just the other day we published an image revealing Huawei's plans to release new devices in 2017.

Source: gizmochina and mydrivers

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