"What is a computer?": Apple withdrew advertising tablet iPad Pro, which in its opinion is already able to replace modern children laptops

Last week, we told you about the provocative advertising of Samsung, which called for finally growing up and making an intelligent choice of smartphone in favor of the Android-device South Korean production instead of the iPhone X. Today Apple in a similar visual format showed that sometimes children are much better versed in modern technologies, not that preferring tablets to laptops, and (supposedly) simply not knowing about the essence

The video shows the usual day of a teenage girl, who does her usual business without parting with the iPad Pro tablet. She communicates with friends in a messenger, dials homework, photographs nature, draws, reads comics, etc. And when late in the evening Mom asks what the child is doing there on his computer (and the tablet with the connected keyboard at this point is really reminiscent of a laptop from a distance), he answers "What is a computer?"

Note that this video can consider a new reading classical advertising Mac vs. PC, where Apple has proved that its laptops are better than laptops based on Windows. However, this time the company is struggling not only with competitors, because its portfolio also contains laptops, which, it turns out, do not already know the young owners of the iPad Pro tablets.

Source: Apple

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