Overview of the gaming laptop HP Omen X

HP continues to develop a line of gaming devices under the Omen brand, and this time the flagship 17.3-inch HP Omen X laptop came to test. The model promises maximum performance in games, Let's see if it really is.

Design and materials

Already one look at HP Omen X is clear that the model belongs to gaming devices. The notebook has a rather aggressive design with cut edges, which are reflected even in the grilles of the ventilation system.

The notebook display cover is divided into four conditional panels, centered on the Omen logo and four dividing strips, all equipped with RGB backlighting. 19659006] In addition, the two panels on the cover have a textured cover with a pattern.

The backlight of the display cover can be set in the Omen Command Center program, where you can choose whether the color is static or change between the selected ones.

In general, HP's products have paid much attention to detail, even the bottom panel of the case, on which very few people look, is made in the style of the display cover. In this case, it has a transparent plastic insert that allows you to look inside the case.

The rather heavy base of the notebook (its weight is 4.86 kg in total) allows one to open the screen with one hand. Inside the user meets a 17.3-inch IPS panel, an original display hinge, a mechanical keyboard with RGB-backlighting, and a touchpad with two separate buttons.

HP Omen X case is made of soft-touch plastic that covers aluminum panels on the display cover, and also on the area around the keyboard and touchpad.

The assembly as a whole is of high quality, all the details are fitted tightly. In this case, I especially note the hinge of the display, it moves very smoothly on one side, and on the other – clearly fixes the position of the screen even without a hint of backlash.


Most of the ports in HP Omen X are placed on the back of the case and are just between the grilles of the cooling system. Here you can find Gigabit Ethernet, two USB Type-C connectors with support for Thunderbolt 3, DisplayPort, HDMI 2.0A (with HDR support) and one USB 3.0.

On the left side is the microphone input, 3.5 mm headphone jack , as well as the USB 3.0 port.

On the right is the charger slot, USB 3.0 port, and an SD card reader.

As you can see, the HP Omen X has all the necessary connectors for connecting accessories. In addition, one can not but note their successful location, some of the ports are placed on the rear, which allows you not to get in the way of wires, when connecting a monitor, drive, or the Internet via Ethernet. At the same time, ports on the side faces allow you to quickly connect flash drives and other peripherals.


In the configuration that came to our test, HP Omen X is equipped with a 17.3-inch IPS display with a resolution of 1920 × 1080 points and a refresh rate of 120 Hz. NVIDIA G-Sync technology is also supported, which synchronizes the refresh rate of the display with the current number of FPS in the game.

Screen calibration in HP Omen X is good.

The display provides coverage of more than 100% sRGB, gamma curve is not uniform , but the color temperature is at the reference level of 6500K, and the backlight is uniform.


The HP Omen X test uses a 4-core 14-nanometer Intel Core i7-7820HK processor running at 2.9 GHz (3, 9 GHz in Turbo Boost mode). It is complemented by 16 GB of DDR4 memory (two 8 GB slots).

The data warehouse in HP Omen X consists of a 512 GB SSE PCIe NVMe M.2 drive and a 7200 rpm hard drive at 1 TB. At the same time, SSD demonstrates very high performance, its read speed reaches 2845 MB / s, and records – 1573 MB / s.

The hard disk looks very slow against this background, it reads data at 149 MB / s, and writes 139 MB / s.

The mobile graphics card NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 with 8 GB of memory responds to graphics processing in the test version of HP Omen X

This whole configuration provides very high performance, in PC Mark 10 the laptop types 4133 points, which only slightly falls short of the level of performance of gaming PCs that can work with HTC Virtual Vision and Oculus Rift.

In addition, the Intel Core i7-7820HK has an unlocked multiplier, which allows advanced users to overclock it to increase performance. This can be done through the built-in Omen Command Center utility.

The NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 graphics card allows you to play the latest games. In the 3DMark Time Spy and Fire Strike test, the laptop picks up 6,490 and 15,795 points respectively, which is almost at the level of gaming PCs capable of delivering FPS above 30 in 4K resolution.

In "The Witcher 3" on "beyond" FPS graphics settings does not fall below 60.

Thus, HP Omen X provides a high level of performance, which will be enough to work with the most demanding programs or play modern games.

Cooling system and stability of work

Already on One look at the HP Omen X can be assumed that a laptop n There must be problems with cooling. It has a rather massive body, and the slits of the cooling system can be seen right on three faces. Inside the notebook there are two fans, which tighten the holes on the side edges, and blow to the back side. Thus, playing on the laptop will be comfortable both right-handed and left-handed.

In the stability test of the AIDA64 system under maximum load, the processor's temperature does not exceed 88 degrees Celsius, there is no throttling

If you load the system, the area around the HP Omen X keyboard in the hottest place rises to just 33 degrees Celsius.

Thus, it is worth noting that the cooling system in HP Omen X is really good.

Keyboard and Touchpad

The notebook uses a mechanical keyboard and traditionally for keys of this type they are pressed with a distinctive long stroke and a characteristic click. Print on this keyboard is quite comfortable, there is no question to the layout, except that Enter could be made larger, it is smaller than the right Shift.

There is a block of macros on the keyboard that can be tuned through the same program Omen Command Center.

In addition, through it changes the keyboard backlight, you can choose just the colors, or use the preset modes, for example, when the WASD keys are highlighted with another color. Here you can make the light flashing, shimmering from one color to another, or leave it static.

The touchpad in the HP Omen X is not very large, but the touchpad itself is well aware of the touch and positioning of the finger.


The standard Realtek High Definition driver responds to the playback of audio through the headphones in HP Omen X, but there is an Omen Audio Control software add-on that allows you to change equalizer settings, and also to adjust the microphone performance.

The external dynamics of HP Omen X are only two, they are located on the bottom of the case. At the same time they sound loud and quite voluminous. Initially, it even seems that the speakers in the laptop are more, at least four.


The HP Omen X has a 6-cell battery for 99 Wh / h. If you select the maximum system performance mode, you can play for a little more than an hour on the laptop without tie to the outlet.

In the PCMark 8 autonomy test, HP Omen X lasted 2 hours 28 minutes, which is a good result , as for the gaming model.

A 330W power supply is required for charging and operating the notebook. Make it compact, it would not work, but it's necessary to give HP the due, the company designed it in the design of Omen X, and it is one, and not divided into two separate PSUs, as sometimes manufacturers do, if the power of one is not enough.

design, backlight adjustment, materials and assembly, high-quality display with a refresh rate of 120 Hz, support for NVIDIA G-Sync, high performance, overclocking, good cooling system, mechanical keyboard, a large number of connectors and their location, loud external speakers

traditionally high for such models price

HP Omen X is a 17.3-inch notebook, whose performance will be enough for the most demanding games. In addition, the model has an interesting design, is equipped with a high-quality display, a mechanical keyboard, and an efficient, but no noisy cooling system. Nevertheless, traditionally for notebooks of this class, HP Omen X is not only very productive, but also quite large and expensive.

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