Microsoft introduced the laptop The New Surface Pro

Hybrid laptop Surface Pro 4 corporation from Redmond introduced us in 2015. Since then, the Web has been constantly rumored about the upcoming announcement of a new model of the device in this series . However, as a result, Microsoft did not announce Surface Pro 5, but a model called The New Surface Pro. In memory, immediately pops up Apple’s trick with the release of The New iPad, which destroys the traditional numbering of models of the series. Although we know something with you, as in Microsoft they like the “wrong numbering”, especially when it comes to Windows operating systems.

As before, the hybrid device is a powerful tablet with a detachable keyboard. Unlike the previous model of 2015, The New Surface Pro has become a more integrated device. It uses more than 800 new parts, and Microsoft engineers are very proud of how wonderful the device was designed and assembled. The heart of the device are the processors of the Intel family Kaby Lake. In the case of Core i3 and Core i5, the device is not equipped with a cooler, but with the Core i7 without a cooler there was no way to do. If you believe the statement of the manufacturer, the new laptop is able to work on one battery charge up to 13.5 hours. This is noticeably more than what Surface Pro 4 was capable of.

The new design promises even greater convenience when communicating with the device. The retractable leg is adjustable within an angle of 165 degrees, which allows you to tilt it smoothly for ease of use in various applications. You can use the previously announced “twist” Surface Dial in a variety of applications to customize various parameters and use multiple tools. Like the Surface Dial, the new Surface Pen will now be sold separately for $ 99. But now it supports up to 4096 levels of force of pressing, as well as angle of inclination in relation to the screen.

Removable keyboard Surface Pro Type Cover has also been refined and is now made of Italian material “Alcantara”, also known as artificial suede. The cost of such a keyboard will be 159 dollars. If you do not like suede, you can buy a simplified Type Cover for $ 129. Inside the tablet is a chip that provides it with LTE-connection with support for micro-SIM and eSIM-cards. Pre-order for new laptops can be issued today. The cost of the junior model starts from 799 dollars. Deliveries of devices will begin June 15 in 26 countries.

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