Review of the game Doom VFR

In the distant 90’s I first tested one of the first models of virtual reality glasses. The device was cumbersome, and the virtual reality is quite primitive, but even those impressions were enough for me to come to full delight. I played in Doom , seeing the world around me through the eyes of the protagonist. Over the past decades, technology has taken a long way forward, and not so long ago the publishing house Bethesda released a game called Doom VFR, which again takes us to a Martian laboratory captured by demons. I just could not pass by and not write a review of this work.

Game: Doom VFR
Platform: PlayStation VR, HTC Vive
Genre: First Person Shooter
Release date: December 1, 2017
Developer: id Software
Publisher: Bethesda Softworks

Initially, this review was not planned by me from the word “in general”. After all, literally last year, I told you about a new game series Doom, which returned to the gaming industry the old good ultra-violence. It seemed to me that id Software simply adapts its game to the realities of virtual space and that’s all. I did not want to pereprohodit last year’s gunman on the second round. Therefore, the game for review initially, I did not ask the publisher. But in practice it turned out that Doom VFR is a separate independent work: with its unique script, locations and, of course, a game process grounded in virtual reality. How could you resist?

The name Doom VFR refers us to the legendary BFG (Big Fu% # ing Gun). In other words, in the abbreviation VFR, I personally see the phrase Virtual Fu% # ing Reality, and something suggests that it really is. In the center of the plot is an unnamed security officer of the United Aerospace Corporation (UAC), whose consciousness after his death is transferred to an artificial body. If you were hoping to see the legendary DoomGuy (or “Soldier Rock”) in the game, I hasten to disappoint you – it’s not here. The only purpose of the protagonist is to restore order at the station, as well as to close the portal to hell, from which a terrible stream of terrible demons from hell is brought into the Martian laboratory. In principle, nothing new, but how all this is implemented, deserves special attention.

Firstly, the degree of immersion in the game thanks to the virtual reality headset PlayStation VR (this version of the game I’m currently watching) has increased incredibly. You find yourself in the deserted Martian research complex, teeming with all sorts of demons. Graphically, the game, of course, is inferior to the full-fledged Doom released last year. Nevertheless, the game looks very nice in terms of design and does not really cut eyes with any visual compromises. The developers have tried to make it so that the player was as comfortable and familiar as possible again to appear in your favorite game, let and now in such an unusual way. I’m sure that Doom VFR for HTC Vive can boast more advanced graphics, but for lack of this headset, I really do not have the opportunity to compare the quality of these two versions.

Secondly, the game offers us not one but three management models. The first is a standard DualShock 4 gamepad that comes with each PlayStation 4 console. You can move either with analog handles or use the familiar Skyrim VR method of teleporting from point A to point B. With the help of a special button and aiming point the place nearby, where you want to move, release the button and move there almost instantly. It does not break game mechanics and does not make you “invulnerable” – you can not worry. Such movements are limited by distance, so you can not escape from evil demons in such an uncomplicated way.

The second control scheme is two PlayStation Move controllers. This method, unlike DualShock 4, allows you to independently control both hands: in one you have a weapon, and in the second – grenades that can be thrown into the opponents. But this method is bad because there are no analog handles on the Move controllers. You can teleport, strafe left and right, move back and forth, and also turn sharply 180 degrees. Smoothly turning around its axis will not work, and this spoils the whole impression of such a control scheme clean. I seriously tried to master this approach to moving around for 30 minutes, but eventually I freaked out and switched to the third scheme, which I’ll tell you about below.

The third scheme is a wonderful gun PlayStation Aim, debuted complete with the game Farpoint, about which I told you not so long ago. On this controller in the form of an assault rifle there are two analog handles, allowing you to move wherever you want, as well as a full set of useful buttons (which unlike Move have normal dimensions). The truth here is to manage the left hand, in which the pomegranate lies, will not turn out separately. But it does not matter. But aiming at the gun is a pleasure, and moving is much more enjoyable than using Move or DualShock 4. Having carefully studied all available control schemes, I came to the conclusion that the PlayStation Aim is the best option for any scenario. And if you are the lucky owner of such a controller – use it. In the second place is DualShock 4, as it is the golden mean between immersion in the game and maneuverability. The main thing – do not use PlayStation Move, since this is the most “curved” scheme of all three. Which is very strange, considering that in some games (even in the same Skyrim) these controllers are felt very well.

The combat system is simple and effective, like a steel rail. In the right hand there is a weapon, in the left – grenades. The main character’s arsenal is the usual for all Doom fans pistol, plasma rifle, shotgun, Gatling gun, the same BFG and other weapons. Cartridges in the game are found in great abundance, so it’s not worth worrying about. A pleasant innovation of the VR-version of the game was the opportunity to “wear out the enemy by running”, in other words, to wound him well, then teleport directly to his body, distributing it to pieces. This technique replaced Bloody Glory Kills from the previous game. Inside the virtual reality, this approach is quite reasonable and even convenient. Personally, he did not cause any discomfort in me.

Separately, I would once again like to note the incredible music, which impressed me even in last year’s game. This is a very cool mixture of aggressive metal and dubstep, completely enveloping the player from all sides and adjusting it to the right way. Deal with demons under such a wonderful soundtrack – a complete pleasure! Hard riffs on a 12-string electric guitar mixed with a frenzied electronic rhythm create a unique atmosphere in which you dissolve completely. No, really, for the music I’m really ready to love this game endlessly.

Problems in the game, of course, too. In addition to the above-mentioned unsuccessful way of moving with PlayStation Move, I would have noted not the most convenient and correct way to switch between different schemes of character management. For example, when I switched between Move and PlayStation Aim, I found a virtual projection of my gun somewhere five meters in front of me, and I could not control it. It just hung in the air in a static position. Attempts to reset the position of hands in space by pressing the Options button did not lead to anything. Because of this, I had to restart the game from the last checkpoint. Only after this, everything more or less normalized. Well, the main drawback for someone for certain will be the duration of the game. It can be literally in 3-4 hours. Although the cost of VR-project is very budgetary – only 859 rubles.


  • The first full Doom for virtual reality.
  • The game offers its own unique story.
  • Visually Doom VFR looks pretty nice.
  • Perhaps, one of the best first-person shooters for VR.
  • Brutality of the gameplay is just off scale.
  • With a PlayStation Aim gun, a 100% immersion is guaranteed!
  • Music in the game is still a masterpiece. Not less.
  • Very democratic price for a game of this quality.


  • The short duration of the game will disappoint many.
  • In the game there are unpleasant bugs and flaws.
  • With PlayStation Move, the game turns into a real hell.

What can I say, summarizing the above? Doom VFR is a short, but extremely eventful, attraction for virtual reality. In this case, Bethesda did not follow the path of porting the original game, as was the case with Skyrim VR, but created something new, with a separate storyline and an alternative main character. The game pleases with the highest degree of involvement of the player in the action. You with passion crush demons into small pieces for fucking music, effectively shoot from powerful guns, throw grenades and dodge from enemy shots, staying at this moment directly inside the game, and not watching it through the TV screen. Spoils the big picture is not the most successful control scheme with the help of PlayStation Move, a short duration of the game, as well as a number of not very pleasant bugs.7 points out of 10 .

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