Brendan Playerunknown Green still kept his promise, literally a week before the New Year, releasing a release version of PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS. When we first wrote about PUBG six months ago, no one could imagine what the results will show this project, really become a game phenomenon of 2017. Well, let's see how the game has changed over the past six months.

Genre network shooter, Battle Royale
Platforms Windows, Xbox One
Developer PUBG Corporation
Publisher PUBG Corporation
Sites, Steam

Let's skip the part in which we explain the origin and essence of the genre of Battle Royale, if you survived in 2017, then most likely you know what the essence is. If not, we'll just send you to our July article about PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS, and now let's talk about the changes and innovations that were a lot in version 1.0.

The first thing you notice is, of course, a new map, Miramar, which in the first week after the release fell three times as often as the old one, Erangel (now the ratio is normal, 50 to 50). This is a desert map, embodying Mexico (judging by flags and inscriptions), in general is similar to the wooded Erangel. Here, too, there are chaotically scattered large and not very settlements, industrial objects, mountains and valleys. Only with vegetation in the desert did not ask, which greatly complicates the disguise and the intersection of open spaces. Now you are unlikely to find shelter in the grass at the final narrowing of the zone, simply because on Miramar the grass is too thin and too small. In addition, the selection of clothes for the best camouflage here is quite different, on a pale yellow background, a player in camouflage or a raincoat looks like a scarecrow visible for a hundred meters.

Another feature of the Miramar map is the minimum number of high-rise buildings, everything is usually limited to one or two floors, even in large cities. Given that the window frames in many buildings are missing, it allows you to use a new system of jumping and climbing, which the players have long asked for. Now it is not necessary to break through the door, at the risk of bursting into the volley of the canister, you can quietly climb into the window and get around the enemy from the rear. Similarly, you can climb on containers and cars, arranging ambushes, or to overcome low fences. All this is very diverse tactical possibilities.

If we talk about the old map of Erangel, then in the summer new weather conditions appeared on it – rain and fog, which significantly limit visibility. They fall very infrequently, but they always please. The fog adds PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS plus 100 to the atmosphere – the game becomes like a real Silent Hill. On Miramar, unfortunately, the weather is always clear. By the way, it would be nice to once see in PUBG and night mode, the present twilight does not really change the gameplay.

In addition to the old game modes alone, the two of us and the four of us have a new one-Man Squad. Choosing it in the future from the first or third person, you will go alone to the server, where the rest play in the teams up to 4 people. Survival in such conditions, on the one hand, is more difficult, in fact it is necessary to fight with groups of fighters, on the other – it is easier, because alone it is much easier to sit out in shelters. For this mode it is necessary to store a quiet weapon, for example, a crossbow or submachine guns with silencers. It's unlikely that you will be able to win in 1-Man Squad, but you'll have plenty of adrenaline. Such entertainment could have been arranged earlier, by disabling players in your teams, but now it is placed in the main menu and is easily accessible.

Another important innovation in PUBG 1.0 is the Death Cam and repeat mode. Now you will not guess where the bullet that killed you came from, but you will be able to look at your own death from the side, assess your own mistakes, tactics of the enemy, choice of weapons, etc. This will help you play better next time. An even more important tool is the study of repetition. Now every match is saved to the hard drive (the game allows you to keep up to 20 repetitions at a time) and after winning or dying you can evaluate your combat path. In this case, it is possible to switch to other players, if they are not very far away from you, to include marks that allow you to evaluate the movement of opponents that you have not even seen, accelerate and slow down the viewing, etc. The appearance of this mode led to a new shaft of PUBG game videos on Youtube, sometimes very well staged.

True, the stick was about two ends, the killed member of the team could quickly go to the menu, rewind the replay and tell the comrades where the opponents are hiding. Therefore, after the patch of December 28, the replay is only available three minutes after the death of the player.

The developers paid much attention to the optimization version of PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS for the game, the use of memory, the reduction in download time, etc. Many players note that on weak systems PUBG began to run faster, only after the update appeared a wild lag immediately after the start of the game, seriously complicating the survival in the first two minutes. Later the lag disappeared, and the game really worked faster. Fortunately, the December 28 patch practically overcame this problem.

Another important point of the new version of PUBG is the reworked ballistics. Now a bullet that has flown out of the barrel is subject to air resistance, which leads to a drop in speed, range of fire, damage, underestimation of the trajectory, etc. In addition, the modifiers of falling into different parts of the body from different types of weapons have changed, and the water has ceased to fully protect against damage. I can not say that I shoot PUBG in a completely new way, but after the release of the release version of the Kill rate, I personally grew up. Perhaps the reason for this is the changed rendering, which has become more contrasting, making it easier to isolate targets against the background of the landscape.

Naturally, new types of weapons appeared in version 1.0. In total, five barrels have been added, including Degtyarev's machine gun, AUG A3, R45 revolver (actually Rhino 60DS), Winchester Model 1894 with lever arm and shotgun, terrible in enclosed spaces. Plus, three new vehicles appeared: fast two-seater watercrafts, a slow and slow-moving minivan that clearly copies the Volkswagen Type 2, and a heavy pickup in demand on the Miramar map with its rugged terrain. The physics of cars is somewhat redesigned, it has become more realistic, now it's easier to tear down cars, for example.

In general, this is all about innovations. Now that has not appeared in the release version of PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS. Personally, I most do not have an extended system of statistics, which the developers showed in one of the videos. With a map that marks the movements of all players, the sequence of kills, the damage done, the weapons used, etc. This would be useful in developing tactics, especially since the game log is still maintained. Not entered into the "final" version and the promised zombie mode. More precisely, this mode is available on some custom servers, but not on official servers. Nothing is heard about the 5-by-5, Streetfights and War, which were discussed by the community and developers of PUBG.

Another problem with PUBG is cheaters. Some items that can be obtained in boxes purchased for in-house currency are not just expensive, but very expensive. So, the full female school uniform for PUBG is now 39,000 UAH. (almost $ 1,400), on sale there are only 3 sets. More common black raincoat with a hood in the style of Assassin's Creed – 15,000 UAH. ($ 530), red sneakers – 8,500 UAH ($ 300), etc. And since the release of the game, the cost of such items has grown 10 or more times, where there is bitcoin. Naturally, this situation attracts a large number of cheaters, especially from China. At the moment about 60% of players in PUBG live in the Middle Kingdom. Chinese game community is called no less toxic than Russian, fortunately, on European servers, its representatives are almost none. PUBG Corporation is trying to fight cheaters, banned already 1.5 million (!) People, 5% of the number of people who bought the game. Nevertheless, cheating, including group killings in the "every man for himself" mode, is still not uncommon.

Yes, PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS has a lot of problems. The game has a very low Steam-rating, only 44%, but at the same time every day sets a new record for the number of players online (3,106,358 people on December 29, 2017). The situation is almost like in that anecdote: "The mice cried, pricked, but continued to eat cactus." However, despite all the problems and negative, PUBG has already gone down in history. The game even before the release sold a circulation of 27 million copies and, it seems, does not plan to stop, got The Game Awards 2017, two prizes. The choice of the edition 2017 from and a lot of other awards around the world.

PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS – you understand this when you see friends who have never been interested in network shooters and Battle Royale, who enthusiastically describe their adventures in PUBG. Every game in this game is still a story that you will tell your friends, who are also in the topic, and remember for a long time.

Well, good hunting and less cheaters. And let the trickiest one win!

New game map; Death Cam and repeat system; jumping and climbing; recycled ballistics; Improved optimization; redesigned rendering; new weather conditions; new weapons and types of equipment

Optimization still leaves much to be desired; cheaters; not always adequate players

PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS still has much to improve, but version 1.0 is a step in the right direction.

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