On the iPhone X came out the game, which you need to control the eyebrows

Anything we saw in the gaming industry: control with motion, jumps, gestures, touching the touch screens, but to use your own eyebrows as a controller to control the game? Nathan Gitter, a graduate of the University of Washington, decided that this was a rather amusing idea. That’s how the game Rainbrow (a word game from “rainbow” – a rainbow and “eyebrow” – an eyebrow) appeared.

Integrated in Apple’s flagship smartphone, the Face ID system is primarily designed for biometric user authentication. But it can also be used for entertainment purposes. For example, for reviving “Emoji”, which amused us so Apple employees at the launch of the iPhone the X . So why not create a game with which the user could control the protagonist with the help of facial expressions? No sooner said than done.

The game Rainbrow is not distinguished by its diversity and sophistication. This is a kind of remake of the popular once-played game Frogger (1981), in which the frog had to run across the road, in which cars were running in several streams, as well as over moving lakes to cross the river. Traffic with each level increased, and the speed of the river flow – accelerated. In this game you do not have to control the frog, but a small smiley that collects bonuses on the rainbow-colored road, along which tiny cars race.

The only difference between the game and Frogger is that the user is offered to control the smiley with the help of the movement of his eyebrows. To the smiley jumped up, you need to raise your eyebrows, and that he sank a little lower – on the contrary, frown. Here’s a funny trainer for the facial muscles, which not only will entertain you, but at the same time it pumps your face. Download the game for free at this link .

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