Due to server problems Denuvo players can not run some games tied to it

The problems associated with anti-piracy protection Denuvo anti-tamper continue to pour on players' heads with enviable persistence. Now gamers who have officially bought legal copies of Batman: Arkham Knight and Mad Max have suffered. Reportedly, both of these games turned out to be non-working and refused to run for the last few days. The absurdity of the situation is that the problem, judging by the numerous reports, is not in the games themselves – the root of evil lies in the peculiarities of the work of Denuvo itself.

Due to problems with the Denuvo server, players began to receive large amounts of error messages when they attempted to launch the above projects. Now the situation has improved a bit, gamers have to repeat the authentication procedure several times, but at least somehow manage to make the games work. The same problem was touched by Middle-Earth: Shadow of War, in it players could not download the latest patch or run the game itself. According to available data, Denuvo authentication servers are not suitable for all current Warner Brothers projects. In fact, gamers are forced to look for solutions themselves.

It is already clear that the newly revealed problem will be another item on the list of Denuvo's "seven deadly sins." Such unreasonable behavior of the system is guaranteed to hit the already flimsy reputation and will be used as one of the main counter arguments in the claims made by PC gamers to Denuvo anti-tamper. Given the number of projects using anti-piracy technology, the answer to the question: "what will happen if Denuvo servers undergo, for example, a planned DDoS attack or are completely disabled?" is obvious. – Millions of players around the world will not be able to launch their legitimately purchased games.

It's unclear why publishers and developers, knowing about the negative impact on performance, ignore the possibility of completely removing Denuvo from the already hacked games of past years, given that history counts a considerable number of similar examples. In fact, if tomorrow Denuvo servers suddenly stop responding, PC players will only have to rely on anti-piracy protection cracks. There are no other options to play legally acquired games.

Fortunately, there are still publishers who refuse Denuvo or do not use it in their IP. Bethesda, for example, completely abandoned anti-piracy protection even in the previously announced projects and removed it after hacking in some of them …

But it's too early to blow the trumpet carcass – soon everything may change – the latest version of Denuvo covering the newest Assassin `s Creed from Ubisoft has not yet surrendered to the mercy of hackers …

Source: DSOGaming

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