How to buy gaming gadgets twice cheaper

Among our readers, the game theme is very popular, so the site regularly reviews reviews of this industry. Yearly games on the console and PC have recently become more and more, so even those who a couple of years ago looked with distrust towards gaming, preferring shooters on mobile devices, now they are collecting computers for games or buying consoles (before New Year it is especially advantageous ). But the device alone can not be limited: we need keyboards, mice, headsets, and if we are talking about a computer, then we have a monitor and a powerful video card.

We took the liberty of making a small selection of appropriate accessories and were not too pleasantly surprised by Russian prices. Even with the holiday sales, many devices are in Russia much more expensive than in the same American stores like, so ordering in the US is much more profitable. In addition, partner – Banderolka service, will accurately deliver almost any product to the door, whether it’s a gaming keyboard or a brand new video card.

Take for example the HyperX Cloud Revolver S with an external microphone and a control panel. Gaming “gurus” do not need to represent it, since in the championships for e-sports often use this device. In Russia, the official price Cloud Revolver S is 11,990 rubles, while in the American AmazonIt can be found much cheaper – about 6 500 rubles in the ruble equivalent.

Almost 4 000 rubles can be saved by buying gaming keyboard SteelSeries Apex M800, if you buy it on sale in the store Newegg. Specially designed switches allow you to quickly move through the keyboard, and the device itself is equipped with a special software for customization for gaming purposes and supports the function of simultaneously pressing 256 keys.

Almost twice as cheap on Amazon you can buy and many gaming mice – for example, Razer Ouroboros – 5 500 in the USagainst 10 000 rubles in Russia. This mouse can work both in wireless mode and in wired mode, it provides fully customizable ergonomics and is suitable for any hand size. Accuracy of movement is achieved using a fourth-generation laser sensor, as well as the ability to adjust the height of detachment of the mouse from the surface. Well, without adjusting DPI, depending on the game situation, there were some.

If you play on a PC, without a good game monitor, of course, you can not do. And here one of the best options is the ASUS ROG PG279Q with a 27-inch screen, IPS-matrix and a resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels. Behind the special ventilation openings are required, with a refresh rate of 165 Hz. Pay for this monitor 60-65 thousand rubles (so much for him asking in Russia) do not have to, iforder it in Newegg at a price of 42 – 43 000 rubles.

Those who self-assemble a gaming PC, will be useful in life as a purchase of video cards and other components in American stores. EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti PCI-E B06Y11DFZ3, for example,will cost about 46 000 rubles(also give Destiny 2 as a gift), whereas in Russia they ask for at least 65,000 rubles for it. In addition, if the game is boring, you can use this “piece of iron” for other purposes. The main thing – when ordering a video card, be sure to check or specify the presence of a notification, do itit is possible here.

Finally, once again pay attention to the steep Bundle from the virtual reality helmet PlayStation VR and cameraYou can buy for 281 dollars instead of the usual 400 dollars. Connected to your console, and you can drive on the track from the first person or participate in shooter battles.

Once again, we remind you how to deliver purchased gaming devices and accessories from the US to Russia. We register with the Poster Service, after which it will provide you with an American address (which in fact is the address of the Poster’s warehouse), which you will enter when you order the goods in the “Shipping address” field. You pay for the order on the store’s website with any bank card and in 1-2 weeks you will get the coveted gadget. Many gaming devices on Amazon, Newegg and other American stores are now available with good discounts, drop by and choose the right one.

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