Users complain that AMD Raven Ridge processors do not support Windows 7

Intel officially stopped supporting the Windows 7 operating system for its new processors. And now, apparently, the same way chose for itself and the company AMD. The fact is that the new AMD Raven Ridge APU hybrid processors also do not support Windows 7.

According to the user of the Reddit service with the nickname roflmaono, AMD Raven Ridge processors do not support Windows 7, probably due to the ACPI problem in the BIOS. Moreover, the problem can not be circumvented even when using an external video card. This situation will persist until the BIOS update for the required ACPI for Windows 7 is released.

According to the representatives of the support service of motherboard manufacturers, it is AMD that is responsible for this state of affairs.

"This will not change until as long as BIOS updates that support the required ACPI permissions for Win7 are not released. I tested the situation on the motherboards ITX ASRock and Gigabyte. I talked with the support of ASRock, and they blame AMD, even though it's a problem with the BIOS, "wrote one of the users.

Source: segmentnext

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