Toshiba has announced a number of productive SSD for various applications

Toshiba announced at CES 2019 a number of new data storage products that target different market segments.

Thus, the release of a new series of NVMe solid state drives was announced. – BG4. As part of this line, solutions are offered that combine 96-layer 3D flash memory chips and a completely new controller within a single package. It provides high speed performance and compact size. Such drives can be used in ultra-thin laptops, embedded Internet of things systems, data centers.

Toshiba BG4 series solid-state drives are offered in the form of models with capacities up to 1024 GB. The devices use 4 PCIe Gen 3.0 lines. They provide the maximum sequential data reading speed of up to 2250 MB / s and the maximum number of I / O operations per second with random read operations of up to 380 thousand. The speed indicators were significantly increased compared with BG3 series drives (70-90%). At the same time, energy efficiency in reading operations (by 20%) and writing (by 7%) has been improved.

Toshiba BG4 solid-state drives are offered in M.2 1620 (16 × 20 mm) and M.2 2230 (22 × 30 mm). The thickness of models with a capacity of up to 512 GB is only 1.3 mm. The devices comply with the NVM Express Revision 1.3b specification and can optionally be offered as a self-encrypted drive based on the TCG Opal 2.01 standard. Toshiba BG4 SSDs are already available as samples for OEMs. Full-scale deliveries are scheduled to begin in the second quarter of 2019.

Toshiba also announced a number of other products. For example, solid-state drives of the CM5, RM5, PM5, CD5, HK6-DC and XD5 series are intended for the corporate segment.

The CM5 line is a PCIe Gen 3 NVMe SSD, made in the form factor U.2 2.5 inches. Declared support for ISE (Instant Secure Erase), TCG Opal and FIPS 140-2 protocols, as well as PLP (Power-Loss-Protection) protection and end-to-end data protection. The capacity of such drives can be as high as 15.36 TB.

At the same time, the RM5 series as a single port SAS SSD offers solutions with capacities up to 7.62 TB. Time between failures announced at 2.5 million hours. The PM5 series in a standard 2.5-inch form factor with SAS interface (12 Gb / s) and two ports. The device offers support for a number of technologies and functions demanded in the corporate sector, including data protection and encryption.

The CD5 line consists of PCIe Gen 3 NVMe U.2 solid-state drives. This device can have a capacity of up to 7.68 GB and is designed for use in systems with intensive data reading. The maximum read speed is 3140 MB / s and the write speed is 1980 MB / s.

The HK6-DC series includes standard 2.5-inch drives with SATA interface up to 4 TB. The maximum read and write speeds are 550 and 530 MB / s, respectively, due to the limitations of the connection interface used. Such drives can be used in corporate data storage systems and entry-level cloud services.

Finally, the XD5 line, made in the PCIe NVMe M.2 format, is intended for use as part of the cloud infrastructure. Due to the compact size of individual drives, a high aggregate storage density is ensured. Read and write speeds can reach 2700 and 895 MB / s.

Information about the timing of the start of deliveries of Toshiba solid-state drives, enterprise-class has not yet been reported.

Source: techpowerup 1, 2

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