Toshiba announced the first SSD based on 96-layer 3D flash memory chips

Toshiba has prepared for release a new series of solid-state drives XG6. These will be the first SSDs based on 96-layer 3D flash memory chips that can store 3 bits of data in each cell.

Toshiba XG6 solid state drives are made in M.2 2280 NVM Express (NVMe) form factor. They are targeted at application in the composition of client computers, high-performance mobile solutions, gaming devices and embedded systems. In addition, they can be used in data centers as bootable storage devices.

The XG6 series solid-state drives provide maximum consecutive data read speeds of up to 3180 MB / s, and the maximum write speed is declared at 3000 MB / s. The number of I / O operations per second for random read operations is 355,000, while 365,000 random writes are performed. The power consumption does not exceed 4.7 W.

The Toshiba XG6 models with 256, 512 and 1024 GB capacities . The devices are already available to some OEM customers, but information about the timing of the start of retail sales and the price of new products has not yet been reported.

Source: Engadget

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