There was a “unexpected” explanation for the “processor crisis” by Intel [Спойлер: виновата Apple]

As you know, Intel processors are now in great shortage, and therefore their prices in retail are greatly overestimated. We described the situation in detail in our article “What happens to the prices of Intel processors?”. Yes, the situation has improved a bit since then, but prices are still far from recommended. And now, the Nikkei edition, citing its sources among component suppliers, called the true reason for the sudden "processor crisis" of Intel (I wonder if there are those who believed Intel’s recent stories about sharply increased demand, and in all segments at once?). [19659003] So, the source claims that the reason for the shortage was not at all the growth in PC sales, which in fact no one except Intel noticed, and not even the difficulty in mastering the 10-nanometer process technology, but … Apple. Yes, as always, Apple is to blame for everything.

As you know, Apple, after breaking pots from Qualcomm, completely transferred its iPhones to Intel's cellular modems. The latter, by the way, has recently taken over the production of modems completely, although last year it placed orders for TSMC production facilities. It is clear that under the production of modems for the iPhone, which are sold to millions, Intel has had to free up a large part of the production capacity previously used for the production of processors. In other words, Intel donated processors to get orders from Apple.

If you look at it, the real culprit is not Apple at all, but Intel itself, but it was clear from the beginning and it’s possible that the processor giant consciously took this step even greater earnings. And now, according to the latest rumors, Intel, which has taken orders for cellular modems from TSMC, is in talks with the same TSMC regarding the transfer of part of orders for the production of Intel 300 chipsets and low-priced processors from the Apollo Lake and Gemini Lake families. In parallel, Intel is expanding its own manufacturing facilities in factories in Oregon, Arizona, Ireland and Israel. Intel itself does not name any dates, whereas among industry observers, as usual, there are two opinions: optimists believe that the supply will catch up with demand already in the first quarter of 2019; others say that the deficit will persist throughout the whole of 2019 (AMD already opens 😊 champagne).

Source: Nikkei

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