Samsung, Micron and Hynix do not seem to escape the penalty for price collusion in the DRAM market

Despite the fact that the super cycle of rising prices for DRAM, which lasted nine quarters, is over, and, as you know, now this very memory The threat of anti-monopoly fine, which hung over the Samsung, Micron and Hynix sword in Damocles, began to fall in price. On the contrary, now everything indicates that a huge fine by this trio for price collusion in the DRAM market cannot be avoided.

With reference to the interview of the head of the state administration of China on market regulation to the Financial Times publication, available only by paid subscription, TechPowerUp reports that the antimonopoly authorities investigating this case collected “numerous evidence” of the participation of the above-mentioned manufacturers in collusion, which resulted in a sharp increase in DRAM prices.

“The antitrust investigation of these three companies nies substantial progress ", – quotes words of the source of Chinese antimonopoly

You can safely assume that the investigation, which began in early summer, is nearing completion and soon the Chinese antitrust regulators announced the decision, which most likely will be fine.. Alas, the source does not name the exact dates regarding the decision. The exact amount of the fine, which will be calculated according to DRAM sales in China in the period from 2016 to 2017, is also unknown, but earlier it was said that the amount could reach an impressive $ 8 billion.

It is worth noting that a similar trial against this trinity, which totally occupies 96% of the global DRAM market, is conducted in the United States.

Source: TechPowerUp

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