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Three configurations, three price categories, three best options to spend money on buying a PC. We offer the initial platforms, focusing on which, you can collect well-balanced gaming systems, complementing them in accordance with their requirements, capabilities and preferences.

For convenience, the items presented in the table are active links to specific components, categories or pages with search results for devices with specified criteria, which are located in the catalog hotline.ua .

Basic gaming PC

At the E3 2018 exhibition held in June, developers announced a whole array of interests projects, some of which will be presented this fall. At the end of the summer Blizzard is preparing a large-scale addition for the unfading World of Warcraft. Later, there will be such continuations of the cult series as Battlefield V, Assassin's Creed Odyssey, FIFA19, Forza Horizon 4, Shadow of the Tomb Raider and Fallout 76. In general, the autumn of this year promises to be quite playable. In order not to approach the "high season" without a proper system, it's time to make sketches for a new gaming platform or plan a point upgrade of your PC.

We start by choosing a processor for the base PC. The most budgetary option is Pentium Gold G5400 (3.7 GHz). In May, the retail value of this model jumped from $ 65 to $ 80, unreasonably lasting at this level last spring month. But with the onset of summer, the price returned to its original position, more in line with the real capabilities of the processor. To the level of Celeron it is not necessary to drop completely, if it is a game system, even if it is an entry level one. And the "golden" Pentium is only a forced measure with a very limited budget.

A CPU with four full-fledged computing cores is a reasonable minimum for the PC it is planning to play. In the context of the current desktop Intel platform, it is the chip Сore i3-8100 for $ 115, which now ranks third in the popularity rating of processors on hotline.ua. Even despite the high cost, this model is now much more in demand than the same Pentium Gold G5400 (15th in the rating).

Since the introduction of motherboards on the base chipsets for Intel Coffee Lake chips, they have at least a bit have fallen in price, but on some revelations here it is not necessary to count. The most affordable models on Intel H310 are offered from $ 70, while the least expensive versions on Intel B360 are about $ 80. The case where it makes sense to pay a little for the best equipment. Although, you can focus on sufficient functionality. In starting configurations, the price is also very important.

For the basic game platform for AMD, the choice of the processor will have to be made from the two most suitable models for this role – Ryzen 3 2200G and Ryzen 3 1200 . The strengths and weaknesses of each of them we have repeatedly considered. We only note that the hybrid APU in retail can already be bought at the recommended price of $ 100. If the integrated graphics are not exactly needed, Ryzen 3 1200 will cost $ 85. In any case, here we have a situation where both options are good, although they have their own nuances.

When choosing a chip for the entry level, I would also like to see suggestions from the newest family of 12-nanometer Pinnacle Ridge. Judging by the leaks, the 4-core Ryzen 3 2300X is already on the way, but there are no specific dates for the announcement. Nevertheless, the cunning Chinese enthusiasts have already managed to hold in hands and get the first practical test results of Ryzen 3 2300X. This means that the upcoming announcement is just around the corner.

At the end of May, NVIDIA introduced the video card GeForce GTX 1050 3 GB . The product is interesting, but quite ambiguous. For the adapter, the same graphics processor is used as for the GTX 1050 2 GB / GTX 1050 Ti 4 GB – GP107, with the GPU operating at higher frequencies 1392/1518 MHz. The number of CUDA cores and texture units is the same as in the older model – 768/48, instead of 640/40 in the 2-gigabyte GTX 1050. But this is only the advantages of the novelty, it also has weaknesses. The number of rasterizers (ROPs) has been reduced from 32 to 24, and from 1 MB to 768 KB, the internal L2 cache memory capacity has been reduced. But the most unpleasant moment was the decrease in the width of the memory bus from 128 to 96 bits. With the effective frequency of the GDDR5 (7000 MHz), the bandwidth of the local RAM in the GTX 1050 3 GB decreased by one third – from 112 to 84 GB / s. And here it will be necessary in practice to find out in which situations the model with the increased memory size will be preferable, and in which the versions with 2 GB will yield.

Judging by the first few more tests on the network, the GeForce GTX 1050 3 GB is often still It turns out to be more productive GTX 1050 2 GB. In many projects, 2 GB of memory for storing textures is not enough, here an extra gigabyte is very helpful, and the GPU's computing power of the new graphics card is even slightly higher than that of the GTX 1050 Ti chip version. However, in games that are sensitive to memory bandwidth, the GTX 1050 3 GB may even be a bit inferior to the GTX 1050 2 GB. Manufacturers are already actively announcing their versions of the GeForce GTX 1050 3GB. Video cards already appear on sale for about $ 180-190. Suppose that the new devices do not just complement the current line of basic gaming models, but will eventually replace the 2-gigabyte version. The recent announcement of the GeForce GTX 1050 3 GB can also say that the entry-level solutions based on chips with a new graphics architecture in the near future can not be expected. It is unlikely that there will be any updates in the current year.

Well, to more detailed tests, we take the GeForce GTX 1050 3 GB "for a pencil." For basic gaming systems, such adapters may well be relevant. In the meantime, here we have to choose from GeForce GTX 1050 2 GB and GeForce GTX 1050 Ti 4 GB . The cost of the latter does not want to go below $ 200-215. In general, this is a logical situation, when the video card is the most expensive element of the gaming PC, although paying more than $ 200 for the adapter in this category of systems is not so simple.

Base models GeForce GTX 1050 2 GB over the past month and a half unpleasantly increased from $ 150-155 up to $ 165-170. If we talk about alternatives on AMD chips, the most affordable modifications Radeon RX 560 2 GB can be bought from $ 140, and versions with 4 GB of memory are available from $ 170.

After on online sites again appeared in the abundance of offers GTX 1050 / RX 560, noticeably decreased interest in more affordable GeForce GT 1030 and Radeon RX 550 . Nevertheless, these video cards offer significantly lower performance (especially GT 1030), therefore, having performed the role of forced solutions during the "graphic crisis", they are again in the shadow of faster models.

For several months in a row, we have seen a significant decrease in the cost of solid-state drives. If you look at the price tags of age models, now they are lower than in the pre-crisis times two years ago. SSD for 120/128 GB can already be purchased for only $ 30. In a good way, it would have been worthwhile to do it much earlier, but it happened only now. We add the SSD to the basic game configuration. Any solid-state drive, even with a not very fast controller and TLC-memory, will radically improve system responsiveness. This purchase will justify the additional costs.

Optimal gaming PC

Processor Intel Core i5-8400 (2.8 / 4.0GHz, 6x 256KB L2, 9MB L3) $ 185 [19659023] AMD Ryzen 5 2600 (3,4 / 3,9 GHz, 6 × 512 KB L2, 16 MB L3) $ 205
Intel B360 (LGA1151) $ 100
AMD B350 (AM4) $ 90
Memory 16GB (2 × 8GB) DDR4-2666 / 3000 $ 180
Graphics Card NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6 GB, GDDR5 $ 340
Hard drive HDD 2 TB, 7200 rpm $ 70
SSD 480/512 GB, SATA $ 110
Case and power supply unit Middle Tower ATX, 550 W $ 110
Amount for a PC on an Intel platform $ 1095
Amount for a PC on a computer AMD platform $ 1105

The optimal configuration based on Intel, we are already accustomed to charge the most affordable 6-core Core i5-8400 (2.8 / 4.0 GHz). In some fantastic way, such chips can already be bought for the equivalent of $ 185. Just a great offer for such money. Not surprisingly, this is another popular hit – the 2nd place in the popularity rating of processors on hotline.ua. Once again we will remind of vain fears concerning low base frequency. Even with the load on all 6 cores, the chip runs at 3.8 GHz. In this mode, this processor will open the potential of any mid-range video card without any problems and it will not be exactly the limit.

If higher frequencies are tempted and there is a desire to experiment, you need to look aside Core i5-8600K . But here we recall that overclocking is a costly business. $ 250 worth of processor with an unlocked multiplier, you will also need a good cooler and a cheap motherboard on an Intel Z370 chipset with a good VRM. All together will cost a round sum. If overclocking is not yours, the Core i5-8400 with the board on the Intel B360 will do an excellent job in its optimal configuration. Unless the fans of silence still need to replace the cooler, the staff discs shipped with Intel chips are quite primitive.

For a platform based on AMD components, we also propose using 6-core processors. If in the case of Intel you have to choose from models of one line, then for the AMD platform variants of conventionally different generations are available. The most obvious candidates are Ryzen 5 1600 and Ryzen 5 2600 . Last time, due to a noticeable difference in price, we preferred Summit Ridge chips. Over the past time, the difference in value has decreased noticeably. Ryzen 5 1600 (3,2 / 3,6 GHz) is offered from $ 180, while the updated Ryzen 5 2600 (3,4 / 3,9 GHz) can already be bought for $ 200-210. Increased frequencies, improved 12-nanometer process technology and small internal improvements are worthwhile in order to minimize the budget for the purchase of the CPU.

As for the platform with socket AM4, here it is quite possible to do with the motherboard on the chipset AMD B350 . If you allow experiments with overclocking, do not rely on the cheapest models. Also, when you buy Ryzen 2xxx processors, you may need to update the firmware without which the system will not start.

At the last Computex 2018 show, motherboard manufacturers already showed their devices based on the new chipset AMD B450 . It does not offer any functional differences from its predecessor. As in the case of AMD X470, the innovations announced the support of XFR2 and Precision Boost Overdrive. For sure, it will also be possible to work with hybrid bundles of StoreMI drives with a hard drive, SSD and 2 GB of RAM in one harness. For manufacturers, this is also the possibility of new devices, given the possible shortcomings of previous models. In the retail sale of motherboards for AMD B450 is not yet.

The best video card for the optimal configuration is still GeForce GTX 1060 6 GB . Models of this series for the past month continued to become cheaper, and some positions dropped in value tangibly. If you want, you can already find the simplest instances for $ 310-320, but most adapters still cost more – $ 350-360. The Radeon RX 580 4 GB the version with 8 GB for $ 30-50 more expensive

Both developers have long time to increase the power of their solutions of the middle class to the same price level. There is no information about the proposed replacement from NVIDIA. As for AMD, here it is possible to operate only with rumors that the developer is preparing for the fourth quarter updated devices with Polaris chips, which will be produced using 12-nanometer technology. The expected increase in productivity is 15%. This information is still to be treated with a certain amount of skepticism, but, given the delays in updating Vega, such calculations seem plausible. As for the Vega heirs, according to the same sources, they will be produced already on the 7-nanometer process technology and will appear no earlier than the first quarter of next year.

Returning to solutions already present on the market, wishing to speed up the schedule its system can be advised GeForce GTX 1070 and even individual models GeForce GTX 1070 Ti . The most affordable models of the GTX 1070 can already be found for $ 450-470. In most cases, they still trade at $ 530-550, but at this price these adapters are no longer interesting. For the simple reason that for a similar amount you can already buy a GeForce GTX 1070 Ti.

For optimal configuration, we double the recommended solid-state drive capacity. SSD on 480-512 GB will already allow you to install up to a dozen full games. Models of similar capacity can already be purchased for $ 100-110.

Progressive gaming PC

Processor Intel Core i7-8700K (3.7 / 4.7 GHz, 6 × 256 KB L2 , 12 MB L3) $ 360
AMD Ryzen 7 2700 (3,2 / 4,1 GHz, 8 × 512 KB L2, 16 MB L3) $ 310
] Intel Z370 (LGA1151) $ 170
AMD B350 / X370 / X470 (Socket AM4) $ 140
Memory 16 GB (2 × 8 GB) DDR4-3200 ] $ 200
Video card NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 8 GB, GDDR5 $ 650
Storage device SSD 960 GB / 1 TB, SATA $ 260
HDD 3 TB, 5400-7200 RPM $ 85
Case and BP Middle Tower ATX, 650 W $ 180
Amount for PC on Intel platform $ 1905 [1 9659045] Amount for a PC based on AMD $ 1825

As of now, there is nothing better Core i7-8700K for a progressive gaming configuration based on Intel solutions. An excellent option for this category of systems. 6 cores, 12 streams, high nominal frequency, unlocked multiplier. And while the retail value is close to the recommended manufacturer. The model Core i7-8700 in general also does not hit the dirt face and will cost about $ 50 cheaper, but for the top solution you often want to have extra power reserve and the opportunity for independent experiments.

Lovers of exotic and iconic products perhaps interested in the anniversary CPU model, dedicated to the 40th anniversary of the first Intel 8086 processor. On the occasion of the significant date, the manufacturer prepared a special version of the processor, called Core i7-8086K . The jubilee 6-core chip is interesting by the frequency formula – 4,0 / 5,0 GHz. This is the first desktop model of Intel formally reached the signed frequency threshold. Noting the event on a grand scale, Intel decided to play among the residents of several countries 8086 jubilee processors. AMD did not miss the opportunity to poke the eternal opponents, offering forty lucky people from the US to exchange the chip they won for the top-rank Ryzen Threadripper. As a result, a multi-way exchange of "courtesies" in social networks took place between representatives of both developers. In general, marketing departments came off to the fullest. Well, those who did not manage to participate in this celebration of life from Intel and win a prize, for a commemorative model will have to shell out $ 425. And this is only the recommended price, and given that it's about a limited series, then for sure the real cost of the Core i7-8086K will be even higher. (UPD. Already available in Ukraine). Is it worth it? In fact, we are talking about pre-selected Core i7-8700K, which are guaranteed to work at higher frequencies. As for the general overclocking potential, it is not significantly better than for conventional models with an unlocked multiplier.

10-nanometer desktop processors from Intel this year is definitely not to be expected. The transition to a new process technology is given to the manufacturer not without problems, because if we see in 2018 the chips manufactured by these standards, it will be only mobile CPUs. However, Intel intends to please and owners of desktop systems, offering 8-core processors within the popular platform LGA1151. It is unlikely that this can be called a multi-nuclear race, but certainly the idea of ​​the appearance of such products was prompted by the success of competing chips with a corresponding number of computers.

The network is inundated with rumors about a future processor, which already received a specific name – Core i9-9900K . Moreover, according to the same preliminary data, the company's 8-core chip should also be made up of some Core i7-9700K and Core i5-9600K . If the 8-nuclear model as a whole is clear, then the idea of ​​the appearance of such 6-nucleons remains unclear. Anyway, along with the 9th series of chips (chips), the manufacturer must also present the updated top chipset Intel Z390 . There is also no reliable data about this PCH. Judging by the latest leaks, due to the high load, Intel failed to allocate production capacities for manufacturing the Z390 at 14nm standards, because, like its predecessor, it will be produced using 22nm technology. The integration of the USB 3.1 Gen2 controller and the Intel Wireless-AC logic is still not completely clear.

However this story ends, the most interesting question remains the compatibility of future processors with current motherboards based on the Intel 300 series chipsets.

As with the optimal configuration, for a progressive AMD-based system, we propose using the new Pinnacle Ridge chips. In particular, a good option here is Ryzen 7 2700 (3.2 / 4.1 GHz). The new 8-core processor already costs a little more than $ 300, instead of starting $ 350. Повышенными частотами и улучшенным штатным кулером манит модель Ryzen 7 2700X (3,7/4,3 ГГц), но за прошедшее время она практически не подешевела. Как и два месяца назад, топовая модель линейки предлагается за $380–400.

Мы также не стали бы полностью отбрасывать идею с годовалыми Summit Ridge. По части производительности на мегагерц они мало в чем уступают чипам Ryzen второго поколения, а более низкие тактовые частоты для чипов с разблокированным множителем нельзя отнести к серьезным недостаткам. Потому, если вам подвернется выгодное предложение, вполне можно его рассмотреть. Один из таких примеров – Ryzen 7 1700 за $235.

В целом успешно подтянув линейку массовых десктопных чипов для Socket AM4, компания AMD планирует вскоре обновить и процессоры семейства Ryzen Threadripper. Логично эту серию также перевести на 12-нанометровые кристаллы. С анонсом новой линейки разработчик не ограничится одним лишь повышением тактовых частот и правкой алгоритмов авторазгона. Топовый Ryzen Threadripper 2990X получит 32 вычислительных ядра с возможностью одновременной обработки до 64 потоков данных. Ох, не зря под крышкой первого поколения Threadripper рядом с парой 8-ядерных блоков ютились две кремниевые болванки. Было очевидно, что последние со временем заменят полнофункциональные кристаллы. Но вряд ли кто-то рассчитывал, что изменения произойдут настолько быстро. Удивительный апгрейд и серьезная головная боль для Intel.

В сеть уже утекли первые результаты замеров производительности. По крайней мере, в Cinebench R15 показатели очень высокие. Не менее впечатляющим выглядит и TDP в 250 Вт, а также ожидаемая цена выше $1500. Впрочем, что касается последнего, давайте дождемся официальной презентации линейки. Возможно она состоится в конце июля в Маранелло, во время запланированного совместного мероприятия с Ferrari. Недавно AMD возобновила сотрудничество с итальянской командой Scuderia Ferrari, возвращая свой логотип на трассы F1.

За прошедшие месяц-полтора как минимум на $100 снизилась стоимость видеокарт GeForce GTX 1080 – отправной точки для прогрессивных конфигураций. Самые доступные версии можно найти в продаже за $580–600. Чтобы иметь возможность выбирать из нескольких вариантов, бюджет придется увеличить до $630–650. GeForce GTX 1080 Ti до сих пор стоят почти в полтора раза дороже, что совершенно не соответствует гарантированному приросту производительности в играх (~20%).

Увы, снижение цен также практически не затронуло и топовые видеокарты с чипами AMD. Ценники в $700–750 на Radeon RX Vega 56 и $850–900 на Radeon RX Vega 64 фактически исключают их из состава игровых систем. Причем, чтобы потенциально заинтересовать игроков, видеокарты на базе Vega 10 должны подешеветь как минимум на $200.

После майнингового апокалипсиса на рынке огромный разброс цен на видеокарты. Некоторые площадки успели перестроиться и освежили свои поставки, другие держат запредельные ценники, очевидно в ожидании второй криптовалютной волны.

На глобальном рынке сейчас переизбыток видеокарт текущего поколения. Майнерский интерес схлынул еще стремительнее, чем начинался, потому многие производители адаптеров столкнулись с резким снижением продаж и переполнением своих складов. Существенные запасы GPU наверняка повлияют на фактические сроки запуска дискретной графики нового поколения. Разработчикам нужно реализовать чипы, производителям – готовые видеокарты, а дистрибьюторам расчистить накопившиеся залежи. Чтобы придать импульс продажам в сложившейся ситуации было бы уместным заинтересовать колеблющихся пользователей хорошими скидками. Тактика отработанная и эффективная. По данным источников ресурса DigiTimes, в июле можно ожидать заметное снижение цен (до 20%) на имеющиеся на рынке устройства. Остается лишь надеяться, что такие прогнозы подтвердятся и будут актуальны для нашей розницы.

Для прогрессивных конфигураций мы также удваиваем рекомендуемый объем твердотельных накопителей. SSD емкостью 1 ТБ уже предлагаются от $250. Надеемся, что и это еще не предел, и у них есть запас для дальнейшего снижения цены. Идеальной конфигурацией накопителей можно считать вариант со скоростным SSD M.2 NVMe на 240/256 ГБ для операционной системы и прикладных приложений, отдельным емким SSD (500 ГБ/1 ТБ) для установки игр и тихоходным жестким диском для хранения медиаконтента.

В завершение напомним, что до 5-го июля продолжается летняя распродажа в Steam. Еще есть время пополнить свои коллекции проектами, которые были изначально отложены из-за высокой стартовой цены или насыщенного фронта игровых работ.

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