NVIDIA stopped supporting 32-bit OS, and at the same time said goodbye to Fermi generation video cards

As early as December last year, NVIDIA warned about the termination of the release of graphics drivers for 32-bit operating systems. And this day has come.

Starting this month new driver packages along with GeForce Experience software will be released only for 64-bit versions of supported OS (Windows 7/8 / 8.1 / 10, Linux and FreeBSD).

Simultaneously NVIDIA announced the termination of support for GPUs on the Fermi architecture. That is, from this month, driver updates with new features and performance improvements will only be released for newer adapters with GPUs Kepler, Maxwell and Pascal.

Recall that Fermi generation GPUs are used in more than 70 video cards of different segments, including desktop GTX 400 / GTX 500 and initial models of GeForce 600. The full list of NVIDIA Fermi video cards is on the official website of the manufacturer.

It remains to add that critical security updates for both 32-bit systems and GPU Fermi-based video cards will go up to January 2019. [1 9659003] Source: NVIDIA

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