NVIDIA released the TITAN RTX graphics card with 24 GB of memory and priced at $ 2,499

NVIDIA has officially unveiled a new discrete TITAN RTX T-Rex graphics card. As the manufacturer, this is the most productive desktop solution designed for use in research of artificial intelligence, scientific data processing and creative applications. Thus, this model is not positioned as a consumer gaming solution, but rather as a professional device.

The NVIDIA TITAN RTX video card is based on a graphics processor based on the Turing architecture. In fact, it uses the TU102 GPU, as in the case of the gaming model GeForce RTX 2080 Ti. But the number of functional blocks and memory parameters are different. In particular, the TITAN RTX offers immediately 24 GB of GDDR6 memory. This is 2 times more than the previous generation TITAN model, and more than 2 times more than GeForce RTX 2080 Ti. The novelty is equipped with 576 Turing Tensor Cores tensor cores, which provide performance up to 130 teraflops in artificial intelligence tasks. And the 72 RT Cores cores allow you to reach 11 gigabytes in real-time ray tracing tasks. The manufacturer claims that the device performance is sufficient for video editing at 8K resolution in real time. Detailed technical specifications of the NVIDIA TITAN RTX video card can be found in the following comparative table.

Titan RTX Titan V RTX 2080 Ti
Founders Edition
Tesla V100
(PCIe) [1965991] (19659011) CUDA Cores
4608 5120 4352 5120
Tensor Cores 576 640 544 640 [1965900theyhavebeenwntechnomannnavi19659010] 1200 MHz 1350 MHz ?
Increased frequency 1770 MHz 1455 MHz 1635 MHz 1370 MHz
Memory Frequency [1919956] GDDR6 1.7 Gbit / s HBM2 14 Gbit / s GDDR6 1.75 Gbit / s HBM2
Memory size 384 bits 3072 bits 352 bits [19659012] 4096 bits
The capacity of the memory 672 GB / s 653 GB / s 616 GB / s 900 GB / s
Memory size 24 GB [1965901] 12 GB 11 GB 16 GB
L2 cache 6 MB 4.5 MB 5.5 MB 6 MB
Performance single precision 16.3 teraflops 13.8 teraflops 14.2 teraflops 14 teraflops
Performance double precision 0.51 teraflops 6.9 teraflops 0.51 teraflops [3965901] 44 teraflops 7 TFlops
Tesornaya output
(FP16 w / FP32 Acc)
130 teraflops 110 teraflops 57 teraflops 112 teraflops with
(754 mm2)
(815 mm2)
(754 mm2)
GV100 [1945911011011111

(754 mm2)

19659008] The number of transistors 18.6 billion 21.1 billion 18.6 billion 21.1 billion
TDP 280 W 250 W 260 Watt 250 Watt
Architecture Turing Volta Turing Volta
Price $ 2499 $ 2999 $ 1199 [19] [19] [19] [19] [19] [19] [19] Additionally, it should be noted that the NVIDIA TITAN RTX graphics card features an NVIDIA NVLink interface with a bandwidth of 100 GB / s. Due to this, it is possible to combine two such video cards within one system to increase the final performance. But the pleasure it will not be cheap. The price of the NVIDIA TITAN RTX graphics card is $ 2,499. The novelty will go on sale in the US and Europe until the end of this month.

Source: techpowerup, anandtech

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