Intel introduced the ninth-generation Core desktop cores sextet (i9-9900KF, i7-9700KF, i5-9600KF, i5-9400, i5-9400F and i3-9350KF)

At a special event held at CES 2019 , Intel unveiled the ninth-generation Coret Coret newest desktop processors (Coffee Lake-S Refresh). Four of the six new chips are the models with the KF index in the name, which are distinguished by the absence of the integrated graphics core (it is disabled), higher clock frequencies and increased overclocking potential.

The main parameters of the new chips can be seen in the table below. [19659004] Model Number of cores / threads Nominal frequency / Boost, GHz GPU GPU frequency, MHz L3 cache, MB DDR4 memory support, MHz [19659011] TDP, W Recommended price, $ Core i9-9900KF 8/16 3.6-5.0 – – 16 2666 95 – [19659013] Core i7-9700KF 8/8 3.6-4.9 – – 12 2666 95 – Core i5-9600KF 6/6 3.7-4.6 – – 9 2666 95 – Core i5-9400 6/6 2.9-4.1 UHD 630 1050 9 2666 65 – Core i5-9400F [19659005] 6/6 2.9-4.1 – – 9 2666 65 182 Core i3-9350KF 4 / 4 4.0-4.6 – – 8 2400 91 –

The new CPUs will go on sale this month. Official data on prices for new KF chips is not available, but previous reports have indicated a higher cost compared to conventional models due to the increased overclocking potential of new products. And although it is officially stated that GPUs in such processors are disabled, it is obvious that models with defects in the on-board graphics processor that do not affect the performance of the CPU will not be thrown away, but will go to store shelves.

As part of the presentation, Intel also confirmed plans to release new ones The ninth-generation Mobile Core processors in the second quarter, but only that. More no details of the company did not disclose.

Source: Engadget and Intel

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