Intel has released a 22nm process technology based on the B365 Express chipset, probably a rebranded Z170

Intel introduced a new chipset for desktop motherboards, called the B365 Express. In terms of its capabilities, it is located between the B360 Express and H370 Express system logic sets.

The appearance of this chipset is associated with further efforts by Intel to release production capacities that produce 14-nanometer process technology. For the manufacture of 365 Express used 22nm HKMG + process technology. But even so, the power dissipation rate of the new product remained unchanged at 6 W.

The Intel B365 Express chipset has several improvements compared to its predecessor, the B360 Express. For example, it has increased the number of available PCI-Express lines – to 20 instead of 12 for the B360 Express. Due to this, motherboards based on the new set of system logic will receive additional connectors M.2 and U.2. At the same time, B365 Express does not have built-in support for USB 3.1 gen 2 with a data transfer rate of 10 Gb / s. Probably, additional PCI-Express lines by some motherboard manufacturers will be used to connect third-party USB 3.1 gen 2 controllers. But the new product supports eight USB 3.0 ports (5 Gb / s, but without support for fast charging functions).

In general In its functionality, the B365 Express chipset is very similar to the Z170, but with a blocked possibility of self-overclocking of the processor. Probably, B365 Express appeared as a result of rebranding and minor cuts in the functions of the Z170 chipset.

Source: techpowerup

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