Dynamic Local Mode: AMD has figured out how to improve the gaming performance of older Ryzen Threadripper CPUs by up to 47%

AMD has told about the new Dynamic Local Mode, which will bypass the limitations of NUMA (non-uniform memory access) and improve Ryzen Threadripper processors in games.

A small remark before getting to the bottom. As you know, older AMD Ryzen Threadripper processors contain four Zeppelin crystals.

But only two of them have direct access to RAM, while the remaining pair have to work with memory through the Infinity Fabric bus, which leads to an increase access delays. Many compute-demanding applications use the processor's cache to execute basic commands or require minimal access to RAM, and in such applications these delays are not felt. But in other applications, especially gaming, which use large amounts of RAM, higher memory access delays on some of the cores irreversibly lead to a significant decrease in performance. Actually, you have probably already guessed which of the two types of architectures is the Ryzen Threadripper – Non-uniform memory access, or NUMA.

Note that in order to avoid this (falling Threadripper performance in games) at AMD previously provided the appropriate switch between Distributed Memory Access and Local Memory Access in Ryzen Master software. But the implementation can hardly be considered convenient, given the need to reboot the system each time the mode is switched. . According to AMD estimates, the activation of Dynamic Local Mode will increase the performance by 10% to 47%.

The AMD Ryzen Master utility update, which will bring support for Dynamic Local Mode, will become available for download on October 29. In addition, AMD plans to introduce the Dynamic Local Mode into the chipset driver, since not everyone uses the Ryzen Master utility and is generally aware of the existence of special modes of operation there.

Source: AMD

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