Deliveries of discrete video cards for the last quarter were reduced by more than 19%

Analytical company Jon Peddie Research (JPR) has prepared a new report on the state of the market for graphics cores in the first quarter.

Experts from the analytical company Jon Peddie Research (JPR) completed the processing of data characterizing the market of graphics processors (GPU) in the third quarter of 2018, and published the corresponding report. To begin with, we note that JPR statistics includes both discrete and integrated GPUs.

So, if you believe the calculations of JPR, this market grew by 10.64% compared to the previous quarter. All market participants were able to increase sales: AMD – by 6.51%, NVIDIA – by 4.32%, Intel – and by 13.11% altogether. AMD’s share decreased by 0.6%, NVIDIA lost 0.97%, while Intel managed to increase its share by 1.5%.

in the segment, this very reduction was as much as 16%. In mobile, however, an increase of 7% was recorded.

If we separately distinguish the supply of video cards in the form of stand-alone boards (AIB, add-in-board), then in quarterly terms, they decreased by 19.21%. Analysts explain the decline by the consequences of withdrawing from the market of miners, who until recently had provided AMD and NVIDIA with a large part of sales. The increase in import duties in the United States on goods from China also left its mark on the desktop GPU market, and in the next quarter, the trade war between the United States and China could hit the market even more.

Discrete GPUs were in the configuration of 31.61% of personal computers. issued during the quarter. This is 3.54% lower than last quarter.

It remains to add that the PC market grew by 8.22% in the quarter, compared with only 0.30% over the same period last year.

Source : JPR

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