3rd generation AMD Ryzen processors with AMD X570 chipset may be presented at Computex 2019

One of the slides leaked to the network, which was demonstrated during a closed event by the manufacturer of GIGABYTE motherboards. He discloses information about the timing of the appearance of third-generation AMD Ryzen desktop processors.

If you believe the voiced information, then third-generation AMD Ryzen desktop processors will be presented in June 2019 during the Computex 2019 exhibition. Zen 2 architecture codenamed Matisse, as well as the accompanying AMD X570 chipset. platform, which received support PCI-Express gen 4.0. At the same time, AMD can realize the backward compatibility of processors with motherboards based on previous chipsets of 300 and 400 series. Thanks to this, consumers will be able to simply upgrade the processor, leaving their existing motherboard, which will significantly save money when upgrading the system. However, in this case, support for PCI-Express gen 4.0 will have to be forgotten.

Istchonik: techpowerup

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